About Us

UltraPure was at its inception the residential division of a Leading Water Treatment company in Australia. We have since separated into our own Organisation Dedicated totally to the Residential and Personal Drinking Water Industry. 

To fulfil the strong demand for Clean, Fresh Tasting, Chemical free drinking water in Australia we have started UltraPure. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality water with the most health benefits directly into your home. 

Our Reverse Osmosis filters not only remove suspended particles and flavouring agents from the water but also filters out the finer pollutants and chemical such as uranium, nitrates, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, asbestos, bacteria, solvents and fluoride. Providing a very pure form of water.

Our Alkaline filters are designed to give you all of the health benefits associated with an Alkaline diet including: Hydrate, Energise, Antioxidants and Detoxify. Improve your health, supercharge your immune system, and fight the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water.

Drinking water filters from UltraPure offer you and your family many health benefits as they remove harmful chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants from your water. Apart from the health benefits you now can have Cleaner, fresher, better tasting water delivered directly into your glass.

 Ultra Pure Staff


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