Replacement Filter for 901 Alkaline Jug

Replacement Filter for 901 Alkaline Jug

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The Filter-901 is the replacement filter of UP-901 Alkaline Water Jug. The filter significantly reduces heavy metals, include lead and copper, chlorine, organic impurities, bacteria and viruses, odour and bad taste.

The filter is able to add alkaline minerals to ionise and alkalise the water. It increases the pH between 8-10.5 and softens the water.  It converts regular water to energy rich antioxidant water. It produces micro-clustered water for deeper hydration. The filter creates refreshing, sweet tasting water.

The UP-901 Alkaline water jug comes with a filter cartridge timer to remind you when to change the filter. Every filter cartridge can filter 300 litres of water and should be replaced about every 3 months for optimum performance.

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